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Excellent translator team is the key of high-quality translation. The translators, project management personnel, and technical support personnel of our company all have many years of experiences in translation industry. In the development of our company, we insist the customer-oriented and innovative concepts and continuously accumulate experience to create value for our customers with our TLP process management system.

We strictly implement the systemized process management and quality control system. Excellent team work and good reputation among the customers are the guarantees for us to finish each translation job perfectly.


Professional translator team
The advanced management concepts we always insist have attracted many good translators from different trades and professions. We have many professional translators specialized in machinery, electronics, photoelectricity, advertisement, automobile, law, finance, biochemistry, biology and medication. Moreover, we also have many contracted foreign experts. All our endeavor is to assure that your documents are accurately translated.


Experienced Proofreading team
The proofreaders who look for fault in the translation are generally professional translators having years of translation experience. The years of experience make them be able to find out and correct those faults in the translation, such as grammatical error, style unseemliness, glossary fault, inappropriate font, unnecessary space, etc. This is the key step of the QC process. Only the proofread documents will be delivered to the customer.

Project Management Team

We have professional project management teams and have developed completed quality standard systems, including quality standards, quality control processes, quality data collection tools and quality assessment tools and quality-oriented performance evaluation system that make it possible to measure the translation, DTP and project management quality in the translation process. Different quality scores (or grades) lead to either a positive or negative performance result.

With TLP system, we can provide extra-consistent high quality services to our clients, and our employees proactively improve the quality of their work. Our management team uses the performance evaluation results to make decisions on promotion, demotion, dismissal, and so on.

Reliable technical support
Advance preparation is very important. Our company adopts the advanced TM (Translation Memory) and software localization tools which can satisfy the various requirements of the customers on technology, TM database, document format, DTP, etc. and assure the high quality, glossary consistency and quick delivery of the translation.

Quality Assurance

Process Management


Implemented Standards
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Our Team

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