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Nowadays, Internet has become the window of many enterprises. With the awareness of importance of promoting products and services through websites, we have particularly established an international expert panel composed of art designers, Web engineers and linguists as well as senior editors and experienced testing group with rich experience in test and graphics localization. They will work in close collaboration to help your enterprises enter the international market firmly and steadily.

Our Localization Center could provide a comprehensive service program to perform English-Chinese or Chinese-English translation for your websites.

It will not only save time and trouble but also integrate the text with graphics, which could better reflect your corporate style.

We specialize in the website localization. All our translators graduated from prestigious universities in China, Britain and America; they will, under the support of local experts and graphics designers, collaborate with professional designers and graphics artists to localize your products as well as other products.


Website translation and localization services include:

Separate contents from source codes
Translate text contents into any languages
Format HTML, SGML and XML
Elimination of cultural differences and graphics localization
Perform the localization by virtue of CGI, JavaScript, Java and VB Script
Adopt UNIX, LINUX and NT-based Server
Generate GIF, JPEG, TIFF and other graphic files
CCJK* supported
Adopt Microsoft ASP, Microsoft Front Page, Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash


Key contents of website localization:

User-browsing interface
User guide
CCJK* supported
Index localization
Graphics and publishing
Online help
Separation of codes and contents
Version control management
Product testing

Our company provides translation services for Chinese and foreign websites of all kinds, and invite professional designers to participate in the integrated services ranging from homepage design and production to graphics processing.

We could help translate the entire website, including texts in all the hidden icons and embedded graphics, and we could just translate web pages that users frequently visit or provide one-page website overview if you wish. In addition, we could also translate your updated information.

Our localization process:

Perform the preliminary analysis on your website to determine the parts that need to be localized, such as metrics and inclination.
All the hidden and visible text on the website will be translated by our professional translators and all the graphics with texts will be localized as well. Then, the new translated texts will be re-integrated into your original html by our html experts; and we could also, upon your approval, change html coding if necessary, making your website conform to the requirements of target language on language, culture and version.
Perform overall review on the completed website to ensure that it can be operated normally.
Our international website marketing services could help you acquire more clients as well as expand your business into the new and undeveloped market.
International search engine registration: Register your website on the main search engine of your target country.
Search engine ranking: Check and modify keywords and descriptions to improve the ranking position.
International banner ad exchange: Create and exchange internet banner ads for your website.
Paid ads: Put your paid ads on the appropriate websites that could attract your target clients.



We offer localization and translation services for the following language pairs:

English from/into CCJK
Spanish from/into CCJK
German from/into CCJK
French from/into CCJK
Japanese from/into CCK
Korean from/into CCJ
English from/into Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian



* CCJK = Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean

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